Bomber and the Grizz Comic

I have been really lazy about working on the comic for Grizzly Bomb, mostly because I have been working and going to school. But I decided to start again, and I plan on reworking the comic so that it will be more of a strip style comic rather than a comic book. Here are a couple rough sketches of Bomber and Grizz. Finished art to come shortly.

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Baby Redux

I had to redraw the baby picture because the baby shower was no longer going to be at a bowling alley. So here it is. I don’t like how it turned out as much as I did with the other one.

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Art History Class

I’ve finished my first two classes and seem to be doing very well in them. The first was English Composition (Boring), and the second was Art History (Somewhat less boring).

In art history I had to do a couple photoshop projects and I thought I would share them.

This is suppose to be a cave drawing. I wasn’t overly pleased with it but I got an A so whatever.

Then I had to do a piece of pop art and I have to say I really like the way this one turned out.

My next class is Graphic Design so I’m sure there will be more pictures to come.

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Baby! Now In Color!

The finished baby drawing. This will be on the baby shower invitations.

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Hey baby!

The lines for a baby picture I’m working on for some friends who are having a baby shower. 

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More Stuff

Just another quick update with some more Grizzly Bomb art I put together. I was told that the Hunger Games banner looks brown but I don’t see it.

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Made some banners for people over at Grizzly Bomb. Nothing special really but I thought I would show them off just for fun.

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