Since lots of people keep asking for commissions, i just decided to start accepting them! So I put together a price list.

If you want a commission please read carefully, in order to avoid any misunderstanding. If you have questions regarding a commission send me an email. I will be happy to answer all of your questions. Thanks!

If you are interested commissioning a NSFW piece, please put NSFW in the subject line.

** General notes **
(please read them carefully)

– The piece will be digital. I work with a computer, so i will not mail you the original piece because it doesn’t exist. I will send a high-res image file to the email of your choosing.
– You can request a commission to Please write the type of commission you want (single pinup or silent comic), which options do you choose (additional features, background, etc.) and your idea. Please be as clear and detailed as possible.
– After I accept your commission request i will send you a sketch. That is the only time I will make corrections the piece. Please be as detailed as possible with the corrections you want, this will save both of us time.
– Ways to pay the commission: Up front or 50/50. First 50 % upon acceptance of the commission and then 50 % at the delivery of the piece.
– The rates below are just a general guideline. Each commission is different so we will discuss the final price together.

Pinup Commission Rates

1 – Pinup Basic Price – Line art (No sexual activity, no background, no shading, “artistic nude” is fine)

$45 for each character in the image.

Example of line art.

2 – Background

No background / Single Element (a wall, a chair, etc.) + $0 (No charge)
Simple background (interior or exterior)  + $20
Complex background (interior or exterior, like panoramas or open space) + $50

3 – black & grey or Color (If you don’t choose this option the page will be delivered only as line art)

black & grey + $20

Example of black & grey.

Color + $40

Example of full color.

4 – Additional Features Price

The “Additional Features” is an option used when the commissioner request some additional features or details that can create a bigger working load. This will be evaluated for each commission.

5 – Exclusivity (the piece will not be posted online by me or used on published or printed works, like Calendars or Prints)

Final Price X 1.5

Comic Commission Rates
Commissioning a pinup doesn’t satisfy you anymore? Do you want something more special? Now you can have a “Comics Style” commission! Just write me the story or a general idea that you would like to see and I will draw a comic just for you!


1 – Basic Price Comics Commission style – Line art (No sexual activity, artistic nude is fine)

Simple details: $70 (an image per page with insert on it)
Medium details: $80 (For medium detail comic style colored commission).
Complex details: $90 (detailed background, panoramas, and supporting characters)

2 – Shadow or Color (if you don’t choose this option the comics will do only as line art)

Just Shadow + $30
Color + $70

3 – Exclusivity (the piece will not be posted online by me or used on published or printed works, like Calendars or Prints)

Final Price X 1.5

Other commission possibilities

I’m open to other commission request and collaborations. Send an email to and I’ll evaluate your proposal. Please be serious and as detailed as possible.

Thank you for your interest in working with Hedgehog Art Studio!


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