Movie Review: Mortdecai

Mortdecai is a movie based on the book “Don’t Point That Thing At Me” by Kyril Bonfiglidi. I hope for the sake of the author that the book is better. Dont-point-that-thing-at-me

While it was very similar to the old Pink Panther film series in a lot of ways I had to say that Mortdecai was a little disappointing. The plot was weak, or at least was presented in a weak fashion, and because of the way things were presented I felt as if I was thrown into the middle of the series rather than the first movie of a possible series.tumblr_niv31in9dK1u0dguxo1_250Another issue I had with the film was that it couldn’t seem to decide what type of humor it wanted to use. It kept bouncing between dry humor and slap stick but it really didn’t blend them together well. Perhaps this is the fault of the writer or maybe director David Koepp is to blame.tumblr_ni8qb0kTng1tvvinao1_500If Koepp had written this movie instead of directing it I think this review would have been much different. He has been responsible for writing the screenplay for many great movies such as Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man, and Angels & Demons. The only movie he has directed that I really enjoyed was Premium Rush, and I think i’m in the minority of people who thought that was a good movie.MORTDECAIAll of that aside the movie did have it’s funny moments, they were just somewhat few and far between. I got the most laughs from Paul Bettany as the man servant Jock. He really pulled off his character without coming off as absurd. The same cannot be said for the other characters in the film.

mortdecai-review-20Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow had a reoccurring joke that made me laugh over and over but other than that they were unimpressive. Depp had the potential to make this another great character of his but he went overboard with it and made Charlie Mortdecai a little too strange. still-of-johnny-depp-and-jeff-goldblum-in-mortdecai-(2015)Olivia Munn and Jeff Goldblum were completely pointless in this movie. After watching Munn in The Newsroom I have to say that she was completely wasted in this throw away role. I don’t know why they had her in this movie when they could have cast any no-name actress. tumblr_nil88ur7ov1rty05po3_250This is a rental. Don’t waste your money at the theaters for this movie. Or better yet, just read the book.


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