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Bomber and the Grizz

Just a quick update for anyone who follows. My glorious animation project is on hold for now while I work on a new comic book project. The other day my team and I finished the script for the first issue … Continue reading

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The Bear

After talking with Dr. Kronner we decided to include the bear from Grizzly Strips in the header along with The Party Crasher. So, I now present The Party Crasher’s companion and the new header for

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Nate & Stu 2.0

I feel somewhat foolish for starting over with the characters but now I have a better idea of what I want/need to do with the animation program. So, here are my sketches for Nate and Stu the talking Panda.

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More Grizzly Bomb Art

  Above is a banner I made for I tried to keep to the style of the original (below), while adding some flashy elements to it. What do you guys think of it?

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Grizzly Bomb Art

I’m working on some art for the Grizzly Bomb website in an attempt to, maybe, improve the banner. Not sure if Dr. Kronner will like the idea or not, but I figured what the hell, couldn’t hurt to try. And … Continue reading

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