Russian Guy

This is a drawing I did on canvas a couple months ago. Turned out pretty nice.


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Masonic Installation Program

I was asked to create a program for the installation of officers at my local Masonic Temple. Below is the front and back cover.

2015 Installation

I also created a portrait for the Worshipful Master.


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Hedgehog Solutions


Hedgehog Art Studio is now part of Hedgehog Solutions. I would say that it’s turning into Hedgehog Solutions but I already have business cards. So until those are gone the art studio remains.

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Nocked & Loaded

I have been working on some material for a banquet my lodge is holding in the near future. This is the rough draft of the flyer. Might need some changes but I think it looks pretty good.


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Movie Review: Mortdecai

Mortdecai is a movie based on the book “Don’t Point That Thing At Me” by Kyril Bonfiglidi. I hope for the sake of the author that the book is better. Dont-point-that-thing-at-me
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Movie Review: Into The Woods

Allow me to start things off by saying I have never seen the stage version of Into The Woods. I’m not a big fan of theater but I do enjoy a play or musical from time to time. I was a big fan of the movie Chicago, so that allowed me to go into this film with some optimism. Sadly I wasn’t very impressed.

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Hello hedgehog fans.

Haven’t written in here in a while so I thought I would dust off the old blog and add a new entry. I am no longer a contributor for Grizzly Bomb, but I am still more than happy to do art commissions should anybody desire one.
I will be posting more than just art in the future. I enjoyed doing movie and television reviews while I was over at Grizzly Bomb so I think I will pick that up again.
Keep an eye out for more posts like that in the future.

A little bit about me.
I have had quite a few things happen since my last post so I guess I will give you a quick visual run down of events.

396992_10151577978699251_479953750_n969476_4682661315008_257599764_n 1006085_10152454861972650_630594371508181493_n 10703677_10152776443192650_640696601444250441_n1912278_10152869016907650_7101427520975854308_n 10671327_10202934608476707_3751165879565606705_n

As you can see I’ve been busy.

I don’t have a ton of new art to share at the moment but here is a nice little work in progress that I started recently. Enjoy.

scan0001 Until next time…

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